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Legislation framework

Public procurement in Azerbaijan is regulated by the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Public Procurements, 27 December 2001 N 245-IIQ (PPL).

In the EBRD 2010 legislation, it scored low compliance in the region.

Regulatory institutions

In Azerbaijan an executive public procurement authority has been established (Procurement Authority), which is responsible for developing PP policy. This body is not independent and the Chairman of the Procurement Authority reports to the Ministry of Finance.

General assessment

The quality of Azerbaijan PPL is low, with a 51 per cent compliance rate with the international standards. Most marks on the core principle indicators are rather low.

The Azerbaijan institutional framework is insufficient and little enforcement is provided; the assessment identified substantial regulatory gaps in key elements of the institutional framework, and insufficient integrity safeguards and efficiency instruments have been adopted.

Local PP policy making is not responsive to market challenges; PP sector is generally closed to international suppliers.

All efforts were made to interview local contracting entities. In spite of several attempts, it was not possible to obtain any feedback from local contracting entities.


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