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Summary of progress of reforms in Moldova in 2013

Public procurement in Moldova has continued to expand during the last few years. Moldova, like other countries in the region, has become increasingly aware of the economic costs caused by inadequate public procurement processes. It is currently in the process of aligning its public procurement system with international best practice.

In 2013, implementation of electronic government procurement continued, following the launch of the first stage of the eProcurement system in 2012. The number of procedures and contracting authorities carrying out procurement procedures using the eProcurement system has increased. New contracting authorities have been identified and the normative act, which has now been developed and approved, obliges those new contracting authorities to carry out procurement through the eProcurement system. Training seminars have been organized for them and all users have been offered technical and methodological assistance through a help desk. In 2013, the number of contracting authorities using the eProcurement system rose to 98, while the number of procedures carried out in the eProcurement system increased to 1,085 and the number of contracts concluded through the eProcurement system was 1,381, a ten-fold increase in comparison with 2012 and reaching a total amount of 2,137 billion lei.

In terms of legislative reforms, in 2013 the process of harmonization of the primary and secondary legislation with generally accepted international standards continued as follows:

  • Harmonization of Public Procurement Law No. 96-XVI from 13 April 2007 with Directive no. 2004/18/EC, concerning coordinating procedures for the awarding of public works contracts, public supply and service contracts;


  • Transposition of the provisions of Directive no. 17/2004/CE into national law, coordinating the procurement procedures of procurement contracts for the water, energy, transport and postal services.

The Draft Law on Public Procurement was submitted for approval to the government and then in early 2014 was submitted to parliament, where it is now under consideration. The law on amending and supplementing the Contravention Code was also approved by Government Decision no. 181, from 13 March  2013, Law 262 from 01 November  2013, and MO 284-289/06.12.13 art. 778. The draft law on utilities was elaborated. In 2013, the draft governmental decision to approve documentation for the realization of public procurement of consultancy services was also elaborated and is now at the stage of endorsement. In 2013, the following acts were approved:

  • Public procurement regulation on using the competitive dialogue procedure, approved by Government Decision no. 804 dated 10 October 2013;
  • Public procurement regulation on using the negotiation procedure, approved by Government Decision no. 794 dated 8 August 2013;
  • Public procurement regulation on using the dynamic system, approved by Government Decision no. 766 dated 26 December 2013;
  • Public procurement regulation on using the electronic auction, approved by Government Decision no. 774 dated 4 October 2013.

The regulation regarding the award of public procurement contracts using limited procedure is currently at the stage of endorsement.

Regarding capacity building related to the new legislative changes, 45 training seminars were organized in 2013, which trained a total of 3,127 people. 

In relation to Moldova’s accession to the WTO GPA, substantive discussions on Moldova’s revised offer were held in February 2013 and May 2013 during meetings of the WTO GPA committee in Geneva, Switzerland. The latest discussions and negotiations took place in Geneva in March 2014, Moldova being represented by a capital-based delegation, following the circulation of the revised coverage offer, which aligned with the latest comments and requests by GPA parties. Moldova’s draft law on public procurement was also circulated to WTO GPA parties.

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