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Country Project progress report for Mongolia
  Phase 0

  Preparatory mission 2012, closed

  Phase 1

  June 2013-June 2014, closed

  Phase 2

  July 2014-June 2015, in progress

  Phase 3

  July 2015-June 2016, exploratory


Reform agenda

Reform agenda agreed following the Initiative Policy Workshop:

Priority 1 - Finalising legislative reform to modernise legal and institutional framework.

Priority 2 - Revising strategy for national public procurement reform and eProcurement reform, in order to streamline the process of implementing the reforms.

Priority 3 - Developing operational procedures and tools to support implementation of the new policies, based on the eProcurement in practice.

Priority 4 - Support in elaboration of revisions to the primary and secondary legislation and in drafting new secondary legislation.

Priority 5 - Support in the eProcurement reform implementation and its further development.

Priority 6 - Assistance in piloting framework agreements and shopping mall.

Priority 7 - Assistance in developing online procedures for small value contracts in order to facilitate SMEs participation in public tenders.


Road map/Action plan

Public procurement regulatory capacity building, including training sessions regarding key concepts of the 2011 UNCITRAL Model Law (ML), the 2012 WTO GPA requirements and implementation of eProcurement tools and practices compliant with the UNCITRAL ML standards.

Diagnostic of the eProcurement reform project in progress and policy advice and recommendations for its further development in compliance with the 2011 UNCITRAL ML.

Assistance in preparation of strategic reform documents, including preparation of the legislative reform concept and revision of the existing reform Action Plan, coordinating roles and responsibilities in the reform process and international donors support to the reform project.

Legislative review of existing primary and secondary legislation in order to identify reasons for reform implementation problems.

Support in drafting secondary legislation designed for implementing eProcurement procedures in practice, providing review and comments based on the recommendations arising from the 2011 UNCITRAL Model Law on framework agreements in particular.

  Policy advice and support in drafting secondary legislation designed for establishing suitable institutional and planning procedures and long-term methodology for implementation of framework agreements for the shopping-mall available on the Mongolian eProcurement platform.

Assistance of local eProcurement adviser with knowledge of international standards that will support internal team and conduct research on implementation of framework agreements and market research and preparation of the standard technical specifications for goods categories selected for piloting framework agreements.

Assistance of local legal and/or policy adviser with knowledge of international standards that will support internal team at the Government Procurement Agency throughout the public procurement legislative reform and implementation of the new public procurement legislation in practice.

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