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Topic 1

Findings and recommendations of country procurement status review

Presentation: Tajikistan - Country Procurement Status Review - English
                    Tajikistan - Country Procurement Status Review - Russian

Mr Majed El-Bayya
Lead Procurement Specialist, WB
Miller        Ms Lisa Miller
Senior Council, WB
Mr Nagaraju Duthaluri
Lead Procurement Specialist, WB   

Topic 2

How to address the CPSR recommendations  by means of the 2011 UNCITRAL Model Law and open doors to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement accession – proposed reform agenda


Mrs Caroline Nicholas

(expert's profile)

Presentations: The 2011 UNCITRAL Model Law on Public Procurement - English
                      The 2011 UNCITRAL Model Law on Public Procurement - Russian
Ms Eliza Niewiadomska
(expert's profile)
Presentation: A reform recommendation for Tajikistan based on principles of the 2011 UNCITRAL Model Law - English

Topic 3
Program for Development of Public Procurement


Mr. Ravshan Karimov
Deputy Director, PPA



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