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161130_Dimitri_Gvindadze_2[30/11/2016]  Memorandum between Ministry of Finance of Moldova, Public Procurement Agency of Moldova, eGovernment Center, business associations, NGOs, and companies specialising in the IT sector, was signed in Chisinau on 30 November 2016 aimed at developing a new electronic procurement (eProcurement) system in Moldova. The project is a unique partnership that will develop eProcurement in Moldova as a tool for transparency of public procurement procedures and, thus, the efficient management of public money.

The purpose of the project is to implement a comprehensive eProcurement scheme, following principles of Open Source, Open Data and Open Contracting Data Standard and providing electronic tools for small and high value public procurement as well as centralised electronic framework agreements by December 2017.

Octavian Armaşu talks on the benefits of the new system

This new eProcurement system, developed with the help of NGOs, private and public sector stakeholders, will be fully transparent multi-platform, and will contribute to eradicating and systemically preventing corruption and increasing competition by facilitating better access for local and international business communities.

161130_Dimitri_Gvindadze"Implementation of eProcurement system will allow the national state budget to save a minimum of 10 per cent or 600 million Moldovan lei annually. This is a new approach, a system that meets the requirements of all interested stakeholders: the state, the economic operators and the society as a final beneficiary", said Minister of Finance of Moldova, Octavian Armaşu.

“We are witnessing today national stakeholders: business communities, NGOs and the government joining their forces to achieve a first step forward to creating a modern, transparent and efficient electronic public procurement system. Today’s Memorandum is a good start towards a productive cooperation between the government and civil society and business communities. We expect it to bring good visible results for all of us working and living in Moldova in the very near future”, said EBRD Head of Moldova, Dimitri Gvindadze. The new eProcurement system will be developed based on the best international practice in the region.

                                                                                                                                                                    EBRD's Dimitri Gvindadze welcomes the signing

161130_signingThe first phase of the new eProcurement system will be piloted in January 2017 for below-threshold procurement involving the Ministry of Finance of Moldova, its subordinated institutions and other public authorities that will wish to join. The second stage of the piloting is scheduled for April 2017 for higher value procurement.

The entire public procurement procedure will be conducted online from planning to contract management. Also, the system will be interoperable with eGovernment services available in Moldova.
The concept of the new eProcurement system and its implementation plan were agreed in September 2016 between the Ministry of Finance and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development which provides technical assistance for piloting the new eProcurement system.

Dumitru Budianschi from think-tank
Expert-Grup at the signing

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