Capacity building session for Egypt and Georgia held in Cyprus on 14-15 June 2016 Imprimer Envoyer


[24/06/16] EBRD team consisting of EBRD Senior Counsel Eliza Niewiadomska and EBRD experts Eriks Mezalis, Tato Urjumelashvili, David Marghania and Philip Engels travelled to Cyprus to hold a capacity building session for public procurement officials from Egypt and Georgia.

The Egyptian delegation was represented by Ahmed Kamal and Ahmed Maghawry (eProcurement, Central Agency for Organization and Administration). The Georgian delegation was represented by Ilia Begiashvili (Administration of the Government of Georgia), Levan Razmadze, Kakha Demetrashvili and Dimitri Gulisashvili (State Procurement Agency of Georgia).

                                                                         Mrs Rea Georgiou at the opening of the session

The aims of this mission were: to introduce the Cypriot eProcurement system and Review Body to the Georgian and Egyptian delegations and to identify the current state of affairs in the Egyptian and Georgian eProcurement systems.

Events_agenda The first session was open by Rea Georgia (Accountant General of the Republic of Cyprus) and members of the Cypriot Treasury: Philippos Katranis (Head of the Public Procurement Directory) and Sophocles Ioulianou (Tender Review Authority of Cyprus).

The first presentation given by Philippos Katranis was focused on centralised and decentralised procurement in Cyprus. The presentation covered the following topics: aggregated procurement, framework agreements and simplified procedures in the Agora system as well as SME’s in public procurement.

The Egyptian delegation proceeded to share Egypt’s experience in eProcurement, being the first country to adopt electronic procurement in the SEMED region. Challenges to the well-functioning of their eProcurement platform were mentioned: poor internet penetration (a mobile application has not yet been developed), procurement personnel readiness, legal challenges, resistance to change, the large number of entities and budgetary issues that persist through this time of economic stagnation.

The second day of the capacity building session was open with Eliza Niewiadomska’s presentation, which focused on optimising public procurement procedures for the electronic environment in compliance with the 2014 EU directives.

Levan Razmadze, Chairman of SPA Georgia Georgia’s shared experience of establishing an eProcurement platform in 2010 as well as the running of an effective review body in his presentation.

Relating to this, Sophocles Ioulianou talked in his presentation about the review procedure in Cyprus and spent the rest of the session on framework agreements.

Finally, Maria Antonietta Coppola presented an overview on Framework Agreements in the European Union with a special focus on the Italian experience of CONSIP.

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