WTO / EBRD GPA Regional Workshop on government procurement held in Tbilisi, Georgia Imprimer Envoyer

27 September 2017

WTO / EBRD Regional Workshop on government procurement for Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asian and Caucasus countries took place on 19-22 September 2017 in Tbilisi, Georgia. 

The workshop was organised by the EBRD GPA TC Facility in cooperation with WTO Technical Cooperation Department with the purpose of providing a forum for both trade and procurement professionals to exchange information on the latest developments in the public procurement area.

The WTO EBRD GPA Regional Workshop gathered together more than 50 government officials from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia,  Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Montenegro, Tajikistan, Turkey and Ukraine responsible for trade, development and public procurement policy to explore various dimensions of WTO GPA accession (policy compliance requirements, technical procedures,  schedules negotiations, etc.).


Events_agenda The Workshop also discussed challenges, in particular an impact of WTO agreements on national public procurement market and access of local small and medium enterprises to public contracts.

Speakers invited by the EBRD contributed mainly to the sessions related to the digital governance and electronic procurement. 

In particular, Mihaly Fazekas and Tomas Posepny from the DIGIWHIST project provided an interesting insight to the challenges of the open data and its usage in public procurement markets as well as introduced some solutions for tackling those challenges. 

Examples of using Open Contracting Data Standard in public procurement were presented by Kakhi Demetrashvili and Stefan Condrea, representatives of Georgia and Moldova respectively.  Both speakers emphasised the importance of open data for the enhancement of transparency and competition in public procurement.

Representative of the European Commission (EC) Jachym Hercher presented the current projects in the electronic procurement area where the EC is actively involved. 

On the sidlines of the workshop the participants also celebrated five years of WTO - EBRD cooperation and its extraordinary success: three new GPA accessions (Moldova, Montenegro and Ukraine), one ratification of revised GPA agreement (Armenia), two final GPA offers under discussion (the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan) and FYR Macedonia due to open negotiation process in October 2017.

Photo credit: http://wto2017.spa.ge  

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