Public Procurement - 2011 Imprimer Envoyer


Legal framework

Public procurement in Tajikistan is regulated by the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan on Public Procurement of Goods, Works and Services, adopted in march 2006 (PPL). In the EBRD 2010 assessment PPL scored low to medium compliance in the region.

Regulatory institutions

An Authority for Public Procurement (PPA) has been established as a central government authority responsible for the national policy in the PP sphere.

General assessment

Tajikistan scored low to medium compliance in the quality of its PP legal framework (average 61 per cent compliance rate). PP legislation provides for basic regulatory features but it is outdated and does not provide sufficient regulation of PP processes. In addition, it does not incorporate several integrity safeguards and efficiency instruments recommended by current international PP standards. With domestic preferences allowed, the PP sector in Tajikistan is generally closed to international trade.

The procurement practice of local contracting entities scored better than the legal framework, reaching a medium to high compliance with the benchmark (average of 80 per cent compliance rate). Local contracting entities are not outstanding in any feature of their practice, but their performance consistently scored at medium or better level of compliance against the benchmark, only small performance baps were observed. However, due to the strong influence of internal procurement rules and policies, in general there is no uniformity and consistency in local practice.

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