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Country Project Progress Report



 Phase 0

 Preparatory mission 2012, closed

 Phase 1

 March 2013-October 2014, in progress

 Phase 2

 April 2014-Q2 2015, exploratory

Reform Agenda

Reform agenda agreed following the EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative Policy Workshop

1. Assistance in legislative reform / Review of draft primary legislation to be based on 2011 UNCITRAL and ensuring conformity of public procurement legislation with WTO GPA requirements in the light of the Kyrgyz Republic's eventual accession to the WTO GPA

2. Developing implementation tools to support implementation of the new policies based on the eProcurement tools in practice

3. Supporting elaboration of the new draft secondary legislation to implement new primary legislation, including the draft decree for the Procurement Department and Tender Commission of the Contracting Authority, draft decree on rules for electronic government procurement and electronic reverse auctions, draft decree on the database of unreliable suppliers, draft decree on public procurement review and remedy procedures; Draft decree on framework agreements, decree on procurement reporting and monitoring, decrees on organization of public procurement procedures

4. Preparation of strategic reform documents, including revision of the Action Plan for Public Procurement Reform, coordinating roles and responsibilities in the reform process and the potential WTO GPA accession

Road Map/ Action Plan

1. Regulatory capacity building on the 2011 UNCITRAL ML and the 2012 WTO GPA text;

2. Assistance to the Ministry of Finance in revising strategy for national public procurement reform and eProcurement reform, in order to include a strategy for the WTO GPA negotiations as well as revision of the Action Plan prepared by the Prime Minister's Office, coordinating roles and responsibilities in the reform process and international donors support to the reform project;

3. Reviewing and finalizing of the draft primary and secondary legislation, in cooperation with the World Bank funded technical cooperation project;

4. Diagnostic of the eProcurement reform in progress and plans for its further development;

5. Providing policy advice for development and implementation of the eProcurement reform in the Kyrgyz Republic, in cooperation with the technical cooperation project funded by the Asian Development Bank.

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